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Salsa classes in Stourbridge

The hot new Thursday Fun Salsa Part nights transports to the streets of Havanas hottest night spots with salsa music from every corner. Great absolute beginner salsa classes every Thursday in Stourbridge. Salsa is very easy for everyone from..

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Monday Salsa Classes in Wolverhampton

Lively and exciting salsa lessons, filled with laughter, fun and excitement, Monday is truly the start of Uksalsafeet Salsa week. Uksalsafeet would like it to be the start of your salsa week too...

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Cannock & Walsall Salsa Classes

The best things and place to be in Cannock on a Wednesday night it's great fun and a great evening. Uksalsafeet are starting brand new absolute beginner classes on this Wednesday making this a wonderful time and..

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NCH Europe launches revolutionary water-based parts cleaning machine

Global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has launched Torrent 500, a water-based industrial parts cleaning machine that can clean components within one minute. The Torrent 500 is designed to quickly and effectively clean components and machine parts, ideal for use in industrial, automotive, aviation, construction, manufacturing and food processing sectors. Many machinery components in industrial sectors accumulate grime in the standard course of operation, such as grease deposits on gear..

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Making an ally of old foes

Global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe is helping businesses find relief from the headache of rust removal with Chelade, a chelating agent that simplifies the process. The unique product has been designed to be applied directly to rust-coated surfaces, eliminating the need for time consuming scraping or..

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A new way to spray

Global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe is rolling out upgrades across its industrial aerosol product lines. Upgrades to the newly improved products which are ideal for the construction, facilities management, plant management and manufacturing..

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Philips Legal Solutions

After our first meeting Steve came out to visit us at our home - great customer service

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